Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Alicia Guerra βœ… 04/03/2024

Good products and FAST DELIVERY

DALLAS KING 03/03/2024

Fast shipping, great prices! Customer service is very fast and responsive!! 
The only bummer to me is that other sites send freebies and samples when the customer buys a certain $. I wish CARTEL OIL CO did that also. πŸ˜‰

Venegas βœ… 25/02/2024

I have made 2 purchases in last 2 months. So easy and they ship right away. Just follow the weird out of ordinary instructions and wont be an issue. ( meaning no credit card - pay up just like a street dealer ) no probs. Great service. Fast delivery. Perfect place to shop.

WILLIAM JEMES 15/02/2024

This website is amazing shipping is very short and the prices are the best ive ever seen

HARRY βœ… 13/02/2024

I have always been so happy with my products! Would totally recommend!

MARTIN LOVE βœ… 08/02/2024

Great stuff, delivery on time, amazing prices... this is the sh...!! Been dealing with them for over 2 years now, and litterally never had to complain. Tip effin top!!

JULES HM βœ… 05/02/2024

I purchased a vape concentrate,Nana's Jam was the name. The bud tenders were very helpful in finding what I was looking for.
Great prices, Great Bud tenders, very informative.

EMMA βœ… 03/02/2024

Fast prompt service. Affordable at all levels. I HAVE HAD 2 experience with a missing item In my package AND BOTH times they credited me. SO for those reviewing claiming otherwise is not accurate. Their online chat team is more than respectful and always there to help within their online time's. I have used 8 different moms over the years and I stick with CARTEL OIL CO for a very good reason. Quality and respect across the board.

AKO BEN βœ… 01/02/2024

The great choices found throughout the menu are best I have found on the net. I will be a steady customer now. It gets delivered to your doorstep, which for the disabled is a must. You can't beat the experience! Enjoy!

FOX MO🦊 βœ… 08/09/2023

Awesome service and outstanding product. I'm impressed with the quality of both concentrate,flower, and FREE gifts. You can be proud of your work.....One small thing if you could possibly source your gift socks from US companies it would surley further elevate your reputation ,keep up the great work!
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